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Human rights

Donald Trump

45th U.S. President
“digital bill of rights” [1] [2]

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill

Religious figures, artists, athletes, etc. are now “sanctioned” by the collective(?) west.

Most if not all of our revered western constitutions contain an article on Human Rights.

“All shall be equal before the law and enjoy human rights without regard to sex, religion, opinion, nationality, race, color, economic status, descent or other status.”

However, the predator class in their infinite wisdom have declared them self’s to hold waiver for Constitutions, Human Rights Declarations  and the Nuremberg Code, literally “Making a Killing” in doing so. – The cost to the rest of us is never mentioned.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
The Nuremberg Code (1947)  (pdf)
The Global Public Private Partnership (png) – Credit: Iian Smith www.in-this-together.com

Crimes Against Humanity Tour

Featuring 90 minute presentations by

  • Dr. Judy Mikovits
  • Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
  • Dr. Richard M. Fleming and
  • Patrick Wood

Convoy Spooks Dems

Liberty Channel


Ben Swann Truth in Media

The results from the morning session

” So, the results are in from the discussion work at the various tables this morning. The fundamental values that participants at the National Assembly would like to see form the basis of the new constitution can be roughly divided into the following:

1. Morality / ethics
2. Human rights
3. Distribution of power, responsibility and transparency
4. Democracy
5. Iceland’s nature, its protection and utilization
6. Justice, welfare and equality
7. Peace and international collaboration
8. The country and its people ”

The National Assembly 2010


From Haiti, Germany, Japan, Iraq to Iceland.
In Africa they support us and say that we are refusing to turn up for our own funeral. Some of us predict that we are becoming the next Haiti, not because of the current tragedy but because of the Revolution(1791–1803) and resulting reparations(1825). 75 years later they where sill paying 80% of their national income to predatory creditors, this finally ended in 1947, 122 years later. The first step is always to establish a liability (which is easy for the powerful) and then the rest is history.

War reparations
The Haitian Revolution (1791–1803)
“La dette de l’independance”
Human rights must be at the core of relief efforts and the reconstruction of Haiti

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