Legal Trickery


Pay-time: killing a man 8 years, getting an education 40 years.

Student loans have been hyped as the best possible, – no mention of the Poisoned Pawn.

Entrapping eight thousand unsuspecting relatives to people with student loans is the latest low in Gangsta’s Paradise.

Deceased parent who signed as loan guarantor often decades ago is used to evoke new legal bind with his descendants that where never party to the original agreement.

The usual political B.S. is used to explain what is in fact retroactive laws, frowned upon by most countries, – but not in Gangsta’s Paradise. – Or are the “cons” just fixing what wasn’t broken, to pave way for a new and private entity?

You can kiss my vote goodbye – I know you don’t care – but eight thousand?

Captured governance: The national registry sends updates of all relevant information to all government bodies, the student loan fund included, which apparently it did not make any use of until now – often decades after the fact. Another shining example of criminal incompetence so revered in Gangsta’s Paradise.

Lawyers (and Auditors) field to inform relatives of liabilities, – but that’s OK!

Debt: The First 5,000 Years

In passing:
The police chef broke the law, but that’s OK!
The 400 on the tax-havens list will get “amnesty”, and that’s OK!

He’s a lumberjack, and he’s OK!

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