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Jerm Warfare

Whitney Webb

Lara Logan

Pirates of the North Atlantic


They want to:

Reclaim our Constitution voted for in a national referendum 2012
End the Natural resource monopoly
Tax the international corporations (end thin capitalization)
Replace “welfare” with Unconditional Basic Support

Will the slaves use the opportunity or will they escape from freedom?


A pledge of 100,000 voters (is) ?
Transparency (is) ?

Economics: The User’s Guide

The propaganda industry blasts us 24/7 with the captured one-only version of economics. Nevertheless, the cracks are showing

Having lived through one of the more spectacular failures of Neoclassical economic policy, and now with the same priesthood at the helm, who have learned nothing, and forgotten nothing. – It is informing, if not reassuring to read Chang’s books, wherein he with humour and humility tackles the most blatant myths.

Ha-Joon Chang @ Amazon
.     – ” –        @ The Real News

Alternative bailout

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