John Mearsheimer

Lecture by John Mearsheimer in Germany – May 2023

The Great Awakening

Plandemic 3 The Great Awakening

Glenn Diesen w/ Col. Macgregor

Glenn Diesen
Colonel Douglas Macgregor

MP Andrew Bridgen

MP Andrew Bridgen – Last Man Standing

Michelle Bachmann

Regent University Dean of Gov’t, Michelle Bachmann, On the Perils of The Great Reset

Unmitigated Disaster

Subject Topics
The Eisenhower Media Network (EMN)The U.S. Should Be a Force for Peace in the World
Judge w/ Col MacgregorBakhmut Has Fallen – Wagner Took It
Judge w/ Larry JohnsonLarry Johnson fmr CIA - What's Next
Judge w/ Ray McGovernPutin's Plan for Ukraine Now
Judge w/ Alastair CrookeBiden Maintains a Facade of Winning in Ukraine... Sending F-16s is sheer hubris
The Freedom Corner with PeterSwedenThe SECRET globalist meeting...
News from Underground by Mark Crispin MillerExcess deaths are off the charts in UK & Canada (and the "experts" are all "stumped")
Health Ranger ReportAttorney Todd Callender reveals Biden officials are IMPOSTORS who swore no oaths to America
Glenn Greenwald w/ Jeffrey SachsBreak with the Establishment on Ukraine, COVID, & More
Dr. Malcolm Kendrick - RevisitedBroken Science Initiative
4thePURE General Michael Flynn

Dr Deepti Bisht

UK Column News

Sound of Freedom

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