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Free expression and coronavirus

The global Coronavirus pandemic has had a life changing impact on people around the world. Since the virus was first discovered in December 2019, it has infected millions of people around the globe.

In times of crisis where there is a threat to public health on this scale, governments are allowed, and often required, to take more restrictive measures than they would in normal times. However, many governments seem to be using the Coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to further entrench repressive measures, and far overreach the limits in place under international human rights laws on their powers during such times. Increased surveillance, restrictions on free expression and information, and limits on public participation are becoming increasingly common.

During the pandemic, ARTICLE 19 will continue to challenge threats to freedom of expression around the world. We’ll be monitoring and reporting on government overreach, and urging governments and other actors to ensure human rights, including the right to free expression, are fully protected in efforts to combat the virus.


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