Is information transformative?

After the meltdown, we have been living the many aspects of perception management. Powerful and moneyed interests have tried to gain advantage in the war over our hearts, minds and natural resources.
The propaganda tools have been used to: predetermine, select, shape, control and restrict by the selection of topics, distribution of concerns, emphasis, framing of issues, filtering of information and bounding of the debate.
And as the “governors” know, they have nothing to support them but opinion (Hume)
The media has been preoccupied with glorifying economic growth, foreign investment and assured job creation on one hand and celebrities in rehab, political punditry and a mauling at the zoo on the other.
To counter (punch) this, a handful of people have more than made-up for this media brilliance, and thanks to them we are 85% ahead, with 10% brain dead, and 5% willing to sell their kidneys.
At the same time, the opinion industry tells us that the fears, prejudices, and whims of the rational voter wants to return power to the same people that got us into this mess.

Content analysis
Information Warfare (IASIW)
Perception management
Propaganda Models
What We Call the News
In Growth We Trust
Edward Bernays

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