I have long envied the Swiss for their tradition of direct Democracy, we however, with no such tradition, can we vote Yes or No to save us from a Systemic failure ?

By Systemic I mean all the components in a society where, the government, parliament, legal-, financial-, public-, private-, educational institutions, the media, and the voters have failed in their duties.

Can we put our trust in an all but a bankrupt corporation with a history of public relations stunts, to provide the technical environment for this vote ? By technical environment I mean proprietary software with no known public auditing, pair-reviews, version control or public controls of any kind?

Has there been a serious debate on the consequences of the result? Is the international financial empire just a Paper tiger or will they send in the jackals ?

This all smells of politicians wanting to score cheep points in a very serious affair in which we apparently have learned nothing, and while we are distracted over questions of no importance, our own jackals continue their scavenging for the spills.

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