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Tucker CarlsonEp. 5 As in most of the developing world, it's safer to be the president's son than his opponent.
BLACKROCKWe buy politicians" - O'Keefe undercover video of BLACKROCK recruiter
Matt Lee w/ John KirbyOctober 16, 2014, AP journalist Matt Lee confronts John Kirby, then spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State, over NATO's eastward expansion towards Russia.
LavrovLavrov: If Nato Wants To Fight... We Are Ready!
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.- Peace & Diplomacy
Judging FreedomSott Ritter: U.S. Retired Generals Delusional & More*
Glenn GreenwaldCNN—And Their Govt Sources—Admit Ukraine Counteroffensive “Not Meeting Expectations.”
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