The Collapse of Statecraft

Discussing Ukraine. Glenn Diesen interviews Scott Ritter and Alexander Mercouris

Celebrating the 2008 Meltdown

10 Years On, finance guru’s and politicians congratulate them self’s for their heroic and successful stabilization of the crisis.

It wasn’t really all that bad, – was it?

And we really should apologize to them for having done fuck-all to prevent it.

Most of the propaganda industry (state sponsored or corporate) just continue to manufacture consent.

The Truth About the 2008 Financial Meltdown

I dub thee, Sir…


The political class has failed spectacularly, from bankrupting a nation
to deporting sick children, and then as knights in shining armour  save both nation and children, to the fanfare of the spineless media (owned by same).

They are however greatly successful in securing their own, – the PM lowered his own tax rate by millions, tax on natural resources, and monopolies using them is pittance, etc. etc.

Orwell wrote “..the defenders of every kind of regime claim that it is a democracy, and fear that they might have to stop using that word if it were tied down to any one meaning.”

Are we living in a Neo-feudalist society?

Controlling The Cognitive Map

Over 3 million views

Renegade Inc
Ross Ashcroft on Keiser Report

The same “structures” that bankrupted us are now hailed as saviours.

Mistakes Were Made, but Not by Me

The reshaping of our cognitive map continues. Now we are joyously getting out of capital controls (in some years), ensuring happy foreign investors and repayments of debt (which mysteriously appeared on the state’s balance sheet in the meltdown).

A Marshall Plan for the Banks (just as the original) – to hell with the public in general and striking nurses and public workers in particular.

Our own lunatic media

To many notes.

The Emperor can’t fathom the protest, – the grievances are just to many –
and his is the Best of all possible worlds.

30 reasons to protest: [DV]

  1. Increased VAT on food.
  2. The Health Service hollowed-out.
  3. The public now pays about one-fifth of all health cost from their own pockets.
  4. Cost for cancer patients could amount to hundreds of thousands every year.
  5. 2% of families in the country own almost half of all unencumbered assets.
  6. 10% of the highest earners, earn more than 1/3 of all wages and the highest 20% earn 56% of all wages.
  7. Bank bonuses are on the rise.
  8. Wealth tax abolished.
  9. Billions (is) in tax havens.
  10. A large group of people must pay off their student loans for life.
  11. Production sharing tax on fisheries was reduced significantly, although they have profited 80 billion since 2009.
  12. Growing child poverty.
  13. House prices are in no way consistent with the average income.
  14. Indexation transfers billions from the public to financial institutions, inflation-indexed debt increased by more than 70 billion in 2013 in 4.2%  inflation. Homes owed ??1927 billion at the end of 2013.
  15. Reimbursement of a 15 million (is) mortgage is approximately 27 million in Scandinavia but because it is indexed, here it is over 100 million.
  16. About 2.500 billions were written off corporate dept 2009-20013, including fisheries, while households got about 300 billion depreciated.
  17. For the unique Highland wilderness they propose a power line and a freeway.
  18. Sensitive and even fictional personal information leaked from ministry.
  19. Arming of the police
  20. The police gathers information on protesters
  21. Reduced opportunities for mature students.
  22. Price fixing corporations cost the public billions.
  23. Broken pension system.
  24. Reduced Index-compensations.
  25. Corporate loopholes.
  26. Heavy industry is tax avoid-ant.
  27. The New Constitution has been anaesthetized in a committee.
  28. Coalition government that got almost half the votes cast in the elections, and now enjoys little support according to surveys, makes fundamental changes in our society.
  29. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has made serious comments due to votes of some voters weighs only half of the votes of others.
  30. The Election- and party-system does not reflect the will of voters, in the last election, 22,295 voters got no representation in the Parliament, 4,217 returned blank vote.

(Adding 44,260 who did not vote makes ~ 1/3 of the 237,957 Eligible voters which are alienated from the democratic process)

Well. There it is.

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