Up Yours – In the Name of Progress.

Socially responsible corporations, privatized and back in the taxpayers care are retracting a service to the public for the benefit of the few.

The TV signal we got through cable is to be ‘cut’ for a new version of the same.

This means that we either have to go back to the antenna jungle or ADSL winch is good for one TV. This for an unspecified time period before the ‘new’ service is ready, which of course will come at a cost. By the way we already paid for the old perfectly good one.

This downgrade from Broadband to ADSL (one decoder for every appliance) is “sold” as an Optical fiber connection (my ass). – No wonder this company is under the watchful eye of the Consumers’ Association, and has repeatedly been fined by the Competition Authority.

Our corporations are renowned for their total inability in planning anything which benefits the people, but excellent at controlling forced consumerism.

Politicians as usual serve the corporations on a daily basis, the people only the day before elections.

Maybe we should just be happy to be rid of the mass media, and it’s distorted signal.

The question these geniuses forgot to ask them selfs was. – How to implement “New” Technology affecting the Whole Population and Live to Tell About It?

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