Month: July 2011

Mostly Harmful

A new constitution has been drafted.

This draft would not have passed in the 18th century.

Platitudes about elected ‘representatives’ only being bound by their ‘consciousness’ is a contradiction in terms.

Delaying referendums up to a year, is a pathetic attempt to separate power from the people.

No attempt is made to curb the powers which are the dictates of modern societies, where governments, parliaments, and courts are but office-workers for transnational money powers.

E.g. article 58 is just dandy, It prevents the nation from defending it self against financial warfare.

This is all the more peculiar as it was the workings of these monetary powers that instigated this work.

The first words of our constitution are, –

“Ísland er lýðveldi…” – “Iceland is a republic” which means a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of its citizens.

The miserable sods that concocted the current text have failed to understand this.

Finally, when the State, on the eve of ruin, maintains only a vain, illusory and formal existence, when in every heart the social bond is broken, and the meanest interest brazenly lays hold of the sacred name of “public good,” the general will becomes mute: all men, guided by secret motives, no more give their views as citizens than if the State had never been; and iniquitous decrees directed solely to private interest get passed under the name of laws.

The Social Contract (Book 4) Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1712–1778

In the 21st century with it’s non-human global entities, mega corporations and their financial instruments, it is not apparent that 204 (?) magnificent constitutions are of much use in times when replacing of governments and the destruction of sovereign states is but an idle pastime.

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What A Wonderful World

The Baloney Detection Kit

10 Questions:

1. How reliable is the source of the claim?
2. Does the source make similar claims?
3. Have the claims been verified by somebody else?
4. Does this fit with the way the world works?
5. Has anyone tried to disprove the claim?
6. Where does the preponderance of evidence point?
7. Is the claimant playing by the rules of science?
8. Is the claimant providing positive evidence?
9. Does the new theory account for as many phenomena as the old theory?
10. Are personal beliefs driving the claim?

Skeptic  (Devaluation works both ways)
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Michael Hudson

“… Thus one of the basic criteria for categorizing a society feudalistic or neofeudalistic might be simply that its laws and customs are designed to best serve the landed and wealthy …”

Our courts are now squirming under the spotlight.

( 6.5 years for smuggling drugs, – zilch for bankrupting a nation )

… the difficult task of bringing bankers to justice
Stories of money laundering partners still emerging

More slaves than before the Civil War
& the gospel thumping global media

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