Month: March 2011

Pimp My Ride

Selling citizenship is the latest Moral Hazard offered by Vulture Capitalists.

A group of Super Wealthy, Holy, and Wholesome foreign investors and hedge fund managers is offering easy salvation, they just want to bring loads of good money and they are definitely not coveting our natural resources, – they only want to create jobs – from the goodness of their heart.

They are all vetted by Lawyers and Kroll, and just want to bring their families (except for wives?) and become Icelanders, what else could we want?

But, “Behind every great fortune, there is a crime” ~Honoré de Balzac

Those with learning disabilities manifested by the Casino Mentality of latter days, confirm even at this late hour, that, the ‘meltdown’ was not confined to the banking sector.

“An ass is but an ass, though laden with gold” ~Romanian Proverb

Multiple citizenship
The Marshall Plan (.is)
What A Friend We Have in … money! (.is)
How Kroll Signed Off on $7 Billion Fraud

Austerity for Whom?

In our case, it has been heartwarming to see how the political class selflessly withdrew their investments from the failing banks in the days leading up to the meltdown

Although they do not deny having superior knowledge, in no way did they use their insights to their own advantage.

Governments everywhere are Of, By, and For their People.

Mark Blyth

The Cost of Economic Hubris

Central Bank’s “Technical” Bankruptcy 175
Landsbanki 122
Arion (Kaupþing) 46
Icesave 35
Íslandsbanki 28

Total: 530 miljarðar ~ $ 4.4 billion ~ € 3? billion

Somehow these numbers do not reflect the priorities propagated by the powerful and moneyed interests.


Learned Anything Yet?

William K. Black @ (90m)

In perception management terms, in our own and so very local (except where it isn’t) case, there is a subtle shift, fist we voted against IceSave 93%, but now we vote on the IceSave agreement which is a fine and professionally worked out agreement.

Can we be assured that “they” will never use our name and guaranties to swindle all of us again?

Have we been given the necessary information?
Are our representatives in control?
Is the Special Prosecutor paralyzed by analysis?
– Two years, 80 cases, 216 defendants, 600 interrogations – two charges.
Is the justice system able to take on it’s pairs and superiors?
Is there ongoing corruption, autocracy, despotism, nepotism, crony-ism?

Are the bankers already paying them-selfs exuberant salaries and bonuses?
Are “they” further privatizing our natural resources?
Are the same people buying/removing the remaining banks and other strategic businesses, aided by the politicians, and shielded by the entertainment industry (TV, press)?
Are the same people repeating the exact sorry story?

Is No, the only assurance we can give, that we will not pay for CEOs Welfare, the Perception Managed, Lobbied, Lawyered, Cut, Bailed, and Non-Jailable class.

The NonJailable Class
& The Press?
At wit’s end?
What’s 1 TRILLION like?
Truism: It Must be Private!
Glimpses of Hope
& The Response
Yes ? – No ? (.is)
Austerity & Blackmail

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