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Treasure Islands

Treasure Islands: Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens

“And now we have “too big to fail” banks and this offshore system, the ability of banks in the United States to go elsewhere to do things that allow them to grow faster and take more risks, away from the democratic curbs. It’s one of the reasons why they’ve grown so powerful and why we have got such a difficult situation today with Wall Street having such power over the politicians in this country and my country and others.”

Treasure Islands
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Plutocracy, Get Used To It
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Who Let the Dogs out??

“Mr. Kucinich said “No.” So the banks brought in their bully-boys, the ratings agencies.”  ~ M.Hudson.

How very surprising, the vote does not upset the IMF-EU agenda, the Chicago boys must be smiling.

I’m sure we vote again, until we get it right.

The Shock Doctrine
“a game as old as empire”
Who’s financial suicide?
Ratings for Sale, Aye, Aye, Aye.
Why Iceland Voted ‘No” to the Diktats of the Creditor Banks
However, there was an deceptive undercurrent
No to hostile takeover.
& the short Taiwanese version 🙂
And I thought we had problems!
GS Misled Congress After Duping Clients

Presidential Statement.

” … Iceland has demonstrated its willingness to negotiate agreements; we have shown fairness, but at the same time stuck firmly to our democratic and legal rights.

Although a majority of the electorate has in this referendum said ‘no’ with respect to the conclusions of the negotiations which took place last year, it is necessary to emphasise that the nature of the Icesave issue is such that the British and Dutch authorities and agencies will still, notwithstanding this result, receive immense sums from the estate of Landsbanki. In all likelihood, the amounts paid to them will come to the equivalent of USD 7-9 billion, the first payment taking place within a few months.

It is therefore not correct to maintain that the United Kingdom and the Netherlands will not receive any payments. The Icesave dispute has centred on interest payments and the interpretation of the European Union’s regulations. … ”

Statement to the international media on the result of the Icesave referendum.
Moodys rating …who cares & UK Treasurys Statements Are ‘Misleading

Financial suicide?

“What is the rational of Iceland and other debtor countries paying, especially at this time? The proposed agreements would give Britain and Holland more than EU directives would. Iceland has a strong legal case. Social Democratic warnings about the EU seem so overblown that one wonders whether the Althing members are simply hoping to avoid an investigation as to what actually happened to Landsbanki’s Icesave deposits. Britain’s Serous Fraud Office recently became more serious in investigating what happened to the money, and has begun to arrest former directors. So this is a strange time indeed for Iceland’s government to agree to take bad bank debts onto its own balance sheet.” ~ Michael Hudson

To ask (threaten) us to pay for an un-investigated crime scene only shows the psychopathic mentality of the financial terrorists, which by the way are living in luxury under the protection of the “claimants”.

After a 60% No-brainer vote, we might ponder the unholy alliance between bankers and governments, and the simple fact as some blogger pointed out, that, “most Icelandic people hadn’t heard of Icesave until they were supposed to pay it all.”

Will Iceland Vote “No” or commit financial suicide?

Fair & Balanced

Even the “public” broadcasting station fails the Fair & Balanced test by censoring the former presidents views in todays referendum.

For years the newscasters have secured their jobs by nudging up to the powerful, – What new(s)?

This is the gist of what she said:

” I have not made ??a habit of declaring my views on controversial issues, but now a large number of people have sought my opinion on the referendum which is now at hand. I am very concerned about the future of the nation and after some careful reflection I would like to make public that I’ve gone to a polling station (absentee ballot), because of by absence for the next upcoming days, and voted with my Yes, in the contracts favor.

In my position I have not least kept in mind the old truth that disputes should be settled through negotiations. It is an adage between peaceful nations, not to wage protracted wars about uncertain content. It is thus, that trust is formed between nations. From my point of view there is no doubt that our repute as Icelanders awaits great harm from the ongoing controversy, conflicts in front of courts and complex legal battles. Then, it is vital that we Icelanders turn away from division and conflict and rather stand together to build a comprehensive and successful future for the land and its people. ”

Vigdis supports the Icesave Act | Visir

The First Verdict

The Ex. Permanent Secretary for The Ministry of Finance gets two years imprisonment and 192 million isk were appropriated for his sale of Landsbanki shares just before the banks collapse.

All eyes will now be on his bridge-pals in the high court, will they come to his rescue??

The Constitutional Council

The Constitutional Assembly has survived fierce onslaught by the elite and is now in progress.

It appears that the referendum on Saturday is turning into a tactical voting exercise, as the same forces that got us into this mess, fight tooth and nail to secure their privileges and impunity, – regardless of issues and consequences to anyone else.

The Constitutional Council

Would You Rather?


A: Pay an undefined sum of money for the unforeseeable future, accompanied by endless information wars and court battles, resulting in further austerity for all, except the financial terrorists who will continue the occupation.


B: Pay an undefined sum of money for the unforeseeable future, accompanied by endless information wars and court battles, resulting in further austerity for all, except the financial terrorists who will continue the occupation.

Referendum Saturday 9 April 2011

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