Presidential Statement.

” … Iceland has demonstrated its willingness to negotiate agreements; we have shown fairness, but at the same time stuck firmly to our democratic and legal rights.

Although a majority of the electorate has in this referendum said ‘no’ with respect to the conclusions of the negotiations which took place last year, it is necessary to emphasise that the nature of the Icesave issue is such that the British and Dutch authorities and agencies will still, notwithstanding this result, receive immense sums from the estate of Landsbanki. In all likelihood, the amounts paid to them will come to the equivalent of USD 7-9 billion, the first payment taking place within a few months.

It is therefore not correct to maintain that the United Kingdom and the Netherlands will not receive any payments. The Icesave dispute has centred on interest payments and the interpretation of the European Union’s regulations. … ”

Statement to the international media on the result of the Icesave referendum.
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