Financial suicide?

“What is the rational of Iceland and other debtor countries paying, especially at this time? The proposed agreements would give Britain and Holland more than EU directives would. Iceland has a strong legal case. Social Democratic warnings about the EU seem so overblown that one wonders whether the Althing members are simply hoping to avoid an investigation as to what actually happened to Landsbanki’s Icesave deposits. Britain’s Serous Fraud Office recently became more serious in investigating what happened to the money, and has begun to arrest former directors. So this is a strange time indeed for Iceland’s government to agree to take bad bank debts onto its own balance sheet.” ~ Michael Hudson

To ask (threaten) us to pay for an un-investigated crime scene only shows the psychopathic mentality of the financial terrorists, which by the way are living in luxury under the protection of the “claimants”.

After a 60% No-brainer vote, we might ponder the unholy alliance between bankers and governments, and the simple fact as some blogger pointed out, that, “most Icelandic people hadn’t heard of Icesave until they were supposed to pay it all.”

Will Iceland Vote “No” or commit financial suicide?

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