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The Price of Inequality


How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future

Ideas Not Worth Spreading


Doing Gods work: creator, architect, author, begetter, brain, deity, designer, founder, framer, generator, initiator, maker, originator, prime mover, producer, sire.

Perception Management
Association fallacy
Expect us

Copyright Math

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Crime Math could be an interesting video. Money and politics have been on display in the High Court of Impeachment. Dressed in an Armani(?) suit, supported by powerful political interests, lawyered up to the hilt, admired and defended by the obliging media. Nevertheless the cost to the society as a whole is incomprehensible.

Bikers have gained much prominence at the same time, dressed in an well recognizable manner, sparsely lawyered, hated by the police and the media. However, we can all understand the cost of their individual crimes, which by the way are only a tiny fraction caused by the Suits.

Daly we are told of the dangers to the rule of law if we prosecute Suits of prominence and if we show any leniency in prosecuting the leather and jeans. One solution suggested has been to ask Armani to mark their suits, similar to racing driver suits, with all the appropriate corporate logos – for our convenience, and Lady Justice, who’s blindness has been questioned.

Some go as far as talk about Class wars.

how to emasculate, capture, discredit …

Too Crooked to Fail
Regulatory capture
“Cartesian common sense”
(Watch What You Say)

A Century of Conscious and Intelligent Manipulation

The year 2012 will be interesting. The usual coalition of money, politics and propaganda will fight for their privileges to: not follow any rules, to not bear any responsibility and never ever admit mistakes.

We could empty our overcrowded prisons in a day if we used the same justice for all.

Corruption in a small society takes on a contracted form of mutual insurance.

It was said that all the players in the meltdown could fit into a restaurant, the difficulty is that so can the jurors of their peers


Propaganda (1928)
Taking the Risk out of Democracy
A Century of Spin
Selling Free Enterprise

PR! – A Social History of Spin
There Are No Conspiracies
Justice under seege
The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One

“The Empire of United Corporations”

Free as in Freedom

WikiLeaks: The Spy Files

Trillions in Secret Bank Subsidies

Money For (Almost) Nothing, with Alan Grayson
The Jon Stewart version
The Vampire Squid
Capitalism Hits the Fan ~ The enterprice system isn’t working

George Orwell’s guide to the news
WikiLeaks: The Spy Files

With Liberty and Justice for Some:

How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful

Isang Litrong Liwanag

The holy congregation of “foreign investors” did not provide this investment.

Isang Litrong Liwanag

& elsewhere:

Guns and Butter
Herzlichen Glückwunsch

The Investor Class

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Authorities are beside them self’s with indignation because English children participated in the latest riots because of monetary gains, – applauding parents who handed over their children to the police.

When will we see overgrown criminals who steel astronomical sums of money paraded on television screens, and swiftly processed by free courts.

This is class war, and the investment monarchy is getting smaller, and headless(?).

The End of Authority
Finance is the New Mode of Warfare
Dear Mr & Mrs Cameron
Justice Under Siege
biggest protest in decades overlooked
Banking Looters

Mostly Harmful

A new constitution has been drafted.

This draft would not have passed in the 18th century.

Platitudes about elected ‘representatives’ only being bound by their ‘consciousness’ is a contradiction in terms.

Delaying referendums up to a year, is a pathetic attempt to separate power from the people.

No attempt is made to curb the powers which are the dictates of modern societies, where governments, parliaments, and courts are but office-workers for transnational money powers.

E.g. article 58 is just dandy, It prevents the nation from defending it self against financial warfare.

This is all the more peculiar as it was the workings of these monetary powers that instigated this work.

The first words of our constitution are, –

“Ísland er lýðveldi…” – “Iceland is a republic” which means a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of its citizens.

The miserable sods that concocted the current text have failed to understand this.

Finally, when the State, on the eve of ruin, maintains only a vain, illusory and formal existence, when in every heart the social bond is broken, and the meanest interest brazenly lays hold of the sacred name of “public good,” the general will becomes mute: all men, guided by secret motives, no more give their views as citizens than if the State had never been; and iniquitous decrees directed solely to private interest get passed under the name of laws.

The Social Contract (Book 4) Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1712–1778

In the 21st century with it’s non-human global entities, mega corporations and their financial instruments, it is not apparent that 204 (?) magnificent constitutions are of much use in times when replacing of governments and the destruction of sovereign states is but an idle pastime.

Already Forgotten
To Enrich and Privilege the Designers
Save the Gambling Bankers
Eurozone debt crisis
The Steady Drip
Tall fair and blond (32)

What A Wonderful World


Michael Hudson

“… Thus one of the basic criteria for categorizing a society feudalistic or neofeudalistic might be simply that its laws and customs are designed to best serve the landed and wealthy …”

Our courts are now squirming under the spotlight.

( 6.5 years for smuggling drugs, – zilch for bankrupting a nation )

… the difficult task of bringing bankers to justice
Stories of money laundering partners still emerging

More slaves than before the Civil War
& the gospel thumping global media

Would You Rather?


A: Pay an undefined sum of money for the unforeseeable future, accompanied by endless information wars and court battles, resulting in further austerity for all, except the financial terrorists who will continue the occupation.


B: Pay an undefined sum of money for the unforeseeable future, accompanied by endless information wars and court battles, resulting in further austerity for all, except the financial terrorists who will continue the occupation.

Referendum Saturday 9 April 2011

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