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Even the “public” broadcasting station fails the Fair & Balanced test by censoring the former presidents views in todays referendum.

For years the newscasters have secured their jobs by nudging up to the powerful, – What new(s)?

This is the gist of what she said:

” I have not made ??a habit of declaring my views on controversial issues, but now a large number of people have sought my opinion on the referendum which is now at hand. I am very concerned about the future of the nation and after some careful reflection I would like to make public that I’ve gone to a polling station (absentee ballot), because of by absence for the next upcoming days, and voted with my Yes, in the contracts favor.

In my position I have not least kept in mind the old truth that disputes should be settled through negotiations. It is an adage between peaceful nations, not to wage protracted wars about uncertain content. It is thus, that trust is formed between nations. From my point of view there is no doubt that our repute as Icelanders awaits great harm from the ongoing controversy, conflicts in front of courts and complex legal battles. Then, it is vital that we Icelanders turn away from division and conflict and rather stand together to build a comprehensive and successful future for the land and its people. ”

Vigdis supports the Icesave Act | Visir

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