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Clown World 2022

The Duran

Class of Slaves

Whitney Webb
One Nation Under Blackmail
Glenn Beck

Convoy Spooks Dems

Liberty Channel

And elsewhere in the state of Nordic welfare?


Transparent governance is a joke.
Debt depreciation is shrouded in bank secrecy.
Parliamentarians are about to stop impeachment proceedings against them self’s*
Parliament is unable to debate the new constitution.

The Indians eagerly await to sell Manhattan.
The “factory” Social Democrats want more aluminum smelters.
The banks drag their feet after a clear Supreme Court ruling.
Discrediting financial regulator(s) is legion.


.The Echo chamber: it’s not the Crime, – it’s the Crime buster, –  or is it one and the other?

We are still in the grips of a small clique of insiders.

The failed state of Iceland
Iceland’s campaigning regulator faces dismissal

* Pity the poor prophet – Voting Records

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