Björk’s Open Letter to the Members of Parliament


In two weeks Magma Energy Sweden AB could become the biggest shareholder of HS Orka. The company would then have access to some of our most important natural resources for the next 65 years, with an optional extension for another 65 years. 130 years! Is this in accordance with the laws that state only the Icelandic government should have the right to harness and govern the natural resources of Iceland?

Shouldn’t we ask for an investigation of this deal and get a report on the business exchange concerning our resources, as we got a report on the banks?

Shouldn’t the nation be able to decide for itself if it is willing to sell off it’s natural resources, by means of a law change to enable a national referendum?

One of the IMF’s suggestions is that Iceland should open up access to it’s natural resources to foreigners. According to the letter of intent signed by the government last April, it seems that those suggestions will be followed. Are we thus going to use our nature in this way to pay off the Icesave-debts of those few Icelandic venture capitalists?
Allegedly the Magma deal is about the benefits of foreign investment. How does that compute with the fact that 70% of the purchase price is financed with a local bullet-loan with collateral in the shares?
Is there anything that guarantees jobs will be created in Iceland through this deal?
In the future, water will probably be the most valuable resource in the world. Will the deal with Magma Energy possibly set a legal precedent, and be used in the future to enforce the sale of more natural resources?

What will our grandchildren think of the deals we’re making now? “

Open Letter to the Members of Parliament (full text)

Petition to the Government
” I urge the authorities to stop the sale of HS Orka and for Alþingi to hold a national referendum on the ownership and the utilisation of our energy resources. ”

It’s Oh (Not) So Quiet. More than 16,000 people have already signed.
Mapping this onto the UK and US census, this would mean more than 3.3 and 16 million signatures respectively.

Denial-of-service attack?

Public Services International -Privatisation in the energy sector (pdf)

Freedom of establishment for companies and abuse of rights in EU/EEA law – Energy policy

Oh my God, the holy trinity of “free” market economics: growth, (foreign) investment and job creation (lol) is at risk!
By the way, we are living and paying for a disgraced profession (one of many), bought and payed for by the likes of the current vulture.

What we are seeing now is an “operation” of suppressing the truth and splitting hairs.

” Who owns Magma Energy? Have MPs and Ministers seen and studied the list of shareholders? If not – how dare they sell valuable assets and rights of usage of the Nations natural resources to complete strangers, men without any reference at all? ” – Lara Hanna

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