Dr. Gabor Maté

Do the work …, but don’t be attached to the outcome
“It is not upon you to complete the task, but you are not free to idle from it.” ~ Rabbi Tarfon
Afshin Rattansi’s Going Underground

Dr Deepti Bisht

UK Column News

Clown World 2022

The Duran


George Galloway | Scott Ritter

Ania K

Through the eyes of
Scott Ritter Telegram
Getting it Wrong on Ukraine

Dr Mark Bailey


The Military Industrial Complex (+ Congress & Media): We supply weapons and enemies.

Bonfires of vanities: Serfs meet to swear allegiance to Rome, but Cesar is a lame duck?

The best propaganda is totally meaningless: ~ We support the north-pole penguins!

(Oh Gosh)

And the former Wall Street Journal editor…

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