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Meeting the community bank

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Controlling The Cognitive Map

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Renegade Inc
Ross Ashcroft on Keiser Report

The same “structures” that bankrupted us are now hailed as saviours.

Mistakes Were Made, but Not by Me

The reshaping of our cognitive map continues. Now we are joyously getting out of capital controls (in some years), ensuring happy foreign investors and repayments of debt (which mysteriously appeared on the state’s balance sheet in the meltdown).

A Marshall Plan for the Banks (just as the original) – to hell with the public in general and striking nurses and public workers in particular.

Our own lunatic media

Not to big to jail


The Supreme Court Verdict in the Al-Thani case:

“The market manipulation is said meticulously planned, committed by a focused intent and unusually reckless and disregarded.”

The Supreme Court says that the breach of the defendants regarded enormous amounts and their conduct constituted serious breach of trust to the public at large and lead to catastrophic financial loss. Furthermore, the market manipulation directed “against the public and financial markets in the country as a whole and the damage that resulted directly and indirectly, can not be measured in money.”

  • Sigurður Einarsson 4 years
  • Hreiðar Már Sigurðsson 5 1/2 years
  • Magnús Guðmundsson 4 1/2 years
  • Ólafur Ólafsson 4 1/2 years

One, Two, Many

Among the 10 costliest banking crises, – the cost to the Nation 748 billion, or 2.4 million per man, woman and child.

It is ‘chilling’ to see the players in this financial and moral crash state that it’s the cost of investigating the reasons for it, and trying to get the banksters behind bars, – that constitutes the extravagant costs.

When Your Number is Big
Human Inability To Grasp Very Large Numbers Abused By Politicians And The Fed
The Essential Exponential! For the Future of Our Planet

Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences
How to Lie with Statistics
Systemic Banking Crises Database

No More Rabbits

A Global Perfect Storm

Barkley’s, supposedly the largest of “super-entities” in the world, gets it’s CEO fired by King, the invisible central bank cartel (Amschel Moses of Bankfurt would smile), – no drivel about shareholders there.

But banks have to be private, proving the Religious Credo, a “Cato” mayor has succeeded in providing Californians with free Tb, and others like him, the rest of the country with a rotting infrastructure, including no electricity.

It’s not the money, it’s the credit, stupid.

Web of Debt
Lula’s Bank
A Global Perfect Storm

From Jackson & Lincoln to Victoria


Are fraudsters, usually screaming about “inflation” and “sound banking” – after thousands of egregious mistakes – loosing ground?

Austerity still?
The Lost Science of Money
The Creature from Jekyll Island
Captured Government’s Increasing Irrelevance

Debt The First 5,000 Years
Airbrush Fraud out of our Crises
Defective By Design
The Money Club

Gross negligence

Is Negligence a Subjective Evaluation?

“The accused is in this matter convicted for having with gross negligence failed to hold cabinet meetings on important administrative matters as prescribed in Article 17 of the Constitution, although he must have been clear of the danger, which loomed over the banking system and thus to state security, as specified above, with the consequence that those issues were not discussed at cabinet level”

“The conduct of the accused to fail to comply to the instructions of Article 17. in the Constitution to hold cabinet meetings on crucial policy issues, described above, was not only a breach of form, but it contributed to, that, on ministerial level no political strategy was adopted to deal with the complex problems that the accused had to be aware of in February, 2008. If such a policy had been formulated, and it followed in an orderly manner, including the Central Bank and Financial Supervisory Authority, it can be argued that it was feasible to reduce the damage left by the fall of the banks in October 2008. Furthermore, it is likely that the government had then been better prepared to evaluate the request from Glitnir bank for financial suport at the end of September 2008 such as to enable resolution to the problems of that bank in a more judicious manner than was the case. ”

“Accused, Geir Hilmar Haarde, is not rendered punishment in this case.”

National Court Judgment (IS – pdf)

The benefits from disconnecting the government (Win-win). In early 2008 insiders had ample opportunity to run with their money. No formal input was from other ministers (finance, banking etc), – thus other ministers “escaped” responsibility.

There is still no word on the reserve that went missing.

Dido – Thank You

The Billion Dollar Gram   (figures can be hard, 140 Northern Rock’s ?)
With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful

Much needed:
Full Fact
Straight Statistics

The Money Scam (as explained to Grandma)

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