Let the Science Speak

0:08:19 – Pierre Kory 
0:44:10 – Sasha Latypova 
1:11:38 – Katherine Watt 
1:58:22 – Vibeke Manniche 
2:13:17 – Max Schmeling 
2:29:19 – Philipp Kruse 

Andrew Bridgen MP

They All Vanish Like A Fart In The Wind

Kim Iversen w/ David E. Martin

The Enemy Within

Robert Barnes
I Am Brook Jackson

Fake News Awards!

The Corbett Report (The 6th etc.)

Any and All Wrongdoing

Florida Governor Empanels Grand Jury to Investigate “Any and All Wrongdoing” with Respect to COVID-19 Vaccines
Willful Blindness, MP Andrew Bridgen

European Parliament

Professor Perronne’s conference at the European Parliament in Strasbourg

Dr Mark Bailey

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