The Bitter Truth

Professor Ryszard Legutko Took The Floor Of The European Parliament To Tell The Bitter Truth

The water-combed ideologues are back

The Ownership Class demands all, white wine and lobster.
Striking low-pay workers, – F**k them!

The Ownership Class
Discipline and Punish, Panopticism
The Victory of Perception Management

Swedish Nomination Committees
OSCE – “… to ensure compliance with the principle of equal suffrage.”
GRECO – “… urged to further strengthen anti-corruption measures
New Constitution of Iceland Adopted by the Venice Commission

Wages, income and labour market (EU: NO #1 IS #14)

They are no friends with EU (?)

CIA “asset” gets own talk show.

eimreidarhopurinnDo a little Social networking

Stjórn LÍÚ 2013_1418078687

Fisheries pay billions in dividends to the “owners” of a natural resource.
The infrastructure crumbles, – in preparation for privatization.
White collar criminals get suspended sentences.
Special prosecutor crippled by cuts.
Investigation Commissions suspended.
Information about 400 “entities” in tax-havens ignored.
Government bails out selective % of private mortgages.
New constitution buried, – after a referendum.
After repeated exodus of the young and able, – who is left behind?

Please stop referring to our success

Understanding our very own

Same ideologues, now turned ‘purists’, convinced of a different outcome.
– Give me a break.
“Without delay” maybe someday
“Live broadcast” ‘enhanced’ tape-delay
“Not privatization” cronyism
“Impossibility” nuisance
“Unimplementable” irritating
“Integrity” broken campaign promises
“Safeguards” broken campaign promises
“Reasoned discussion” shut the fuck up
“Speculations” the government budget
“Campaign promises” speculations
“Immediately” never
“Simple” impossible
“National Consensus” the will of the minister
“Nature reserves” more Power Plants
“Restructuring” cutbacks
“Solidarity” obedience
“Safeguarded” abolished
“Untraditional” the MP is lying
“Thinking aloud” the MP is lying
“Money in the Post” more comities & no fulfillment

Adapted from

Repeat after me:

“Redundancies reasonable and necessary”
– today it is Public broadcasting – to morrow it will be …

“The era of manufacturing consent has given way to the era of manufacturing news. Soon media newsrooms will drop the pretence, and start hiring theatre directors instead of journalists.” ~ Arundhati Roy

Now that we have one, – we can continue to enjoy the regurgitated BS they call news.

Even our FM took cookies to Kiev à la Nuland, – not doing to well at home?

Newspeak Dictionary
The real battlefield is your mind (1/8)
Reality Asserts Itself  (1/4)
Friendly Dictators Trading Cards

Dog-whistle politics
The dire need for an enemy

Russophobia produces foaming at the mouth


Warmongers are not taken by the Olympic spirit:

“to build a peaceful and better world in the Olympic Spirit which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play – Olympic Spirit strives to inspire and motivate the youth of the world to be the best they can be through educational and entertaining interactive challenges. Olympic Spirit seeks to instill and develop the values and ideals of Olympism in those who visit and to promote tolerance and understanding in these increasingly troubled time in which we live, to make our world a more peaceful place.”

A Common(s) Problem:

“Yet again the current … Minister of … shamed our country, this time by … Please do not judge … by the … actions of this man, most of us voted against him but we split our votes among opposition parties and must now endure his …”

Web of Deceit

Officer Wolfgang Schmidt
A Dream Come True

Protection of sources briefing (caj)


The golden rule


We have no corruption, ~ it’s been legalized.

Skýrsla rannsóknarnefndar Alþingis (Special Investigation Commission)
Skýrsla rannsóknarnefndar Alþingis um Íbúðalánasjóð (Parliamentary Committee on Housing Authority)
Skýrsla rannsóknarnefndar Alþingis um Sparisjóðina (Parliamentary Committee on Savings Banks)

Tillaga til þingsályktunar (Proposal for a parliamentary resolution)
Money laundering?

Græðgi og spilling (Greed and corruption)
Groundhog Day


1. Factual knowledge has not been able to counter voodoo convictions, some say that this is because the best stock left the country for Canada in 1870-1914, leaving only bankers, politicians, middlemen, and telephone sanitizers. – This may or may not be.

2. see 1.

Sacrilegious suggestion

“What horrifies me is that you’ve got a financial system designed by neoclassical economists.”

Numerous “proper” economists have attacked the sacrilegious suggestion that it would be possible to reverse the money creation flow by bailing out the debtors first, – not the banks. No wonder the (Swedish) central bank(s) stole into the prestigious Nobel price to reward the subservient economic priesthood.

However, doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results is the definition of “proper” economists, – or was it insanity?

Reading Debunking Economics – The Naked Emperor Dethroned? should be a pleasurable experience for everyone, except for hypnotized chickens of course.

Debunking Economics
System dynamics
Humpty Dumpty

Debt: The First 5,000 Years
The Lost Science of Money
Economic Hit Man

Five hundred thousand million +

The latest ‘investigative’ report informs us of incomprehensible losses of the retirement funds. This, big as it is, is only a fraction of the total losses in the banking meltdown.

Accountability is a concept in ethics and governance with several meanings, nevertheless none of these fit the cognitive climate.

Voodoo priests are currently hard at work stuffing history down the memory hole, their version is that none of this happened, others compare us to post colonial Africa, as we’ve been occupied in succession by: Denmark, UK, US, and the IMF.

Having successfully separated the peasants from their retirement money, the “gentry” wants the serfs to work until they drop, – not mentioning the simple fact that there isn’t work even for young slaves – regardless of how often they redefine the unemployment figures.

Loss of money is one thing but loss of identity is something else.

Summary of the Principal Conclusions of the Review
Networks of Power in Iceland: The Labour Movement Paradox.  (pdf)
On Thin Ice, a modern viking saga about corruption deception and the collapse of a nation

The State of Africa
The Ascent of Money
Conversations With History

Bright Minds and Dark Attitudes
“the members of the black priesthood”
Keen 2012 Google Talks

Cult of Information – Thinking Allowed

“Give up ingenuity, renounce profit, And bandits and thieves will disappear.” ~ Laozi

Cult of Information: The Folklore of Computers and the True Art of Thinking.
The Astounding World of the Future
Bad Science
Are All Economic Hypotheses False?

The Sacrosanct

or Prospectors, Scavengers and Vultures.

Not a day passes without our minders telling us about our true benefactors, those who come baring investor gifts: jobs, development and yes financial growth – all this at no cost to us – Hallelujah.

Somehow our narcissistic media missed this insignificant and ‘slanderous’ report.

“From Kazakhstan to Australia, taking in the views of Zambia, war-stricken Congo and Angola, cutting across from Siberia to Iceland is a network of mining and metals companies with a catalogue of environmental and community abuse in their wake. In Iceland its face is Century Aluminum, but behind them, at the heart of this web lies the secretive commodity broker Glencore International of Switzerland.”

“The importance of commodity markets has been intensified by the 2008 financial crisis. From 2003 to 2008, the commodities future market grew 1900%, from $13Bn to $318Bn55. Part of this is a shift out of stocks and shares to capitalise on increased growth in China and on natural disasters, which are helping push up the prices of basics. Brokerages such as Glencore make their money from trading on shortages” … “Rather than deal on the open markets, the main business deals are done in private, away from scrutiny.”

From Siberia to Iceland: Century Aluminum, Glencore and the Incestuous World of Mining

War was good to Alcoa
Chinese billionaire (Poet) to purchase big chunk of Iceland

Corruption around foreign investment (is)
10 facts about the Nubo issue (is)

Vultures’ Picnic
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
Walking with the Comrades

Who Let the Dogs out??

“Mr. Kucinich said “No.” So the banks brought in their bully-boys, the ratings agencies.”  ~ M.Hudson.

How very surprising, the vote does not upset the IMF-EU agenda, the Chicago boys must be smiling.

I’m sure we vote again, until we get it right.

The Shock Doctrine
“a game as old as empire”
Who’s financial suicide?
Ratings for Sale, Aye, Aye, Aye.
Why Iceland Voted ‘No” to the Diktats of the Creditor Banks
However, there was an deceptive undercurrent
No to hostile takeover.
& the short Taiwanese version 🙂
And I thought we had problems!
GS Misled Congress After Duping Clients


In 1848 Karl Marx predicted that “Capitalism would collapse on its own weight because the repetition of business cycles would eventually bring the economy past the point of no return”

In 2007 Niño Becerra wrote: “This is not a crisis like the ones we’ve known for the past 30 years, this is the beginning of the end of the economical system that startet with the Industrial revolution by 1820s.”

Niño Becerra goes on to give this timetable:

  • September 2007 to October 2009: Prelude to the crisis. Governments would take measures to avoid “things going worse” (we are seeing some of them by now, October ’08)
  • October 2009 to May 2010: The believe that “things are not working the way they should” starts to spread out.
  • May 2010: The Crisis starts with all its force.
  • 2011: The worst and hardest year of the crisis.
  • 2012-2015: Governments regulate the economy and people accept it because they are in shock after what happened.
  • 2015-2018: Slowly and not without problems the economy starts to pick up and improve slightly.
  • End of 2018: End of the crisis.

Artículos de Santiago Niño Becerra (spanish)

Is this what happens when we let the criminals write the law?
Ex-Lehman-Banker bekommen Milliarden-Boni

Left, Right or Wrong

Which is the worse criminal, the “Right” which implicated us in a monstrous crime, or the “Left” which is making us pay for it?

In similar circumstances, Ferdinand Pecora called it “a shocking disclosure of low standards in high places.”

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