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Month: June 2022

Ben Swann

Truth in Media

Why is “WE LIE TO YOU NEWS” getting higher ratings than the Globalist rags with their Trusted News Initiative?

Grand Jury | Day 8

Closing Arguments:
0.10.55 Viviane Fischer, Attorney, Germany
0.12:35 Rui Fonseca Castro, Judge, Portugal
0.16:09 Dr Reiner Fuellmich, Attorney, USA/Germany
0.51:19 Dipali Ojha, Attorney, India
0.57:01 Dexter L-J Ryneveldt (Adv), Attorney, South Africa
1.31:37 Virginie De Araujo Recchia, Attorney, France
2.19:50 Michael Swinwood, Attorney, Canada
2.46:39 N. Ana Garner, Attorney, USA
3.15.08 Leslie Manookian, Health Freedom Defence Fund, USA
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