November 2022

Dr. Zach Bush

Chemical Farming & The Loss of Human Health
Zach Bush MD


Self assembly structures in mRNA-injections
Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea,   Dr. David Nixon,   Dr. Mike Yeadon,   Karen Kingston,    Shimon Yanowitz

Died Suddenly (12M Views)
They Screwed It Up And Its Devastating
Phinance Technologies

What’s Next …?

Scott Ritter, Mark Sleboda & Tony Kevin
Consortium News

Dissolving Illusions

Dissolving Illusions (Vaccination Truth!) Dr. Suzanne Humphries

This account has been terminated for violating ______’s Community Guidelines.

Here (2015) the reception was, “Quackery, nonsense and fear-mongering”, followed by a loud demand for curbing freedom of expression, – it would be best for the ‘Uni’ to set a policy not to rent premises to such outside parties!

Nevertheless, “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and belief and to the expression of his thoughts.” (not rectified by the political class).

The Bitter Truth

Professor Ryszard Legutko Took The Floor Of The European Parliament To Tell The Bitter Truth

Reporting live

Trusted News Initiative

The Big Ugly

Data Analytics Musings

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