October 2023

Andrew Bridgen MP

Dr. John Campbell Offers His Take (Both Verbal & Facial) On Andrew Bridgen’s Excess Death Speech


Last Of The Summer Wine S16 E03 The Defeat Of The Stoneworm
– The entertainment industry knew   :’-)

A Farewell To Virology

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Dr. Sam BaileyThe Mortal God Drops Its Mask
Yanis VaroufaklisJulian Assange is Dying
Ania K w/ Scott and AndreiTalking Gaza and Israel.
Stop World ControlThe Mystery of Israel – SOLVED!
Did they open the door?
Gore VidalGore Vidal's History of The National Security State
Chris Drew PhD17 Famous Moral Panic Examples
Neil PostmanThe Disappearance of Childhood
James CorbettThe Newspaper Revolution
ICIC.LAWMatthew Ehret: BRICS – Controlled Opposition, or Not?
kla.tvBill Gates − world dictator with the profile of a serious criminal
WHO and UN – Hands off our children!
This Is Not Just... Reminiscence of the Future...
pray for us sinners

Let the Science Speak

0:08:19 – Pierre Kory 
0:44:10 – Sasha Latypova 
1:11:38 – Katherine Watt 
1:58:22 – Vibeke Manniche 
2:13:17 – Max Schmeling 
2:29:19 – Philipp Kruse 

Ruth Chang

How to make hard choices

Stand Up Straight ~ Debreon Davis
When you come to a fork in the road, take it. ~ Yogi Berra

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