Let the Science Speak

0:08:19 – Pierre Kory 
0:44:10 – Sasha Latypova 
1:11:38 – Katherine Watt 
1:58:22 – Vibeke Manniche 
2:13:17 – Max Schmeling 
2:29:19 – Philipp Kruse 

Brother Nathanael

How To Choose A President
Secession: Is he within the range of acceptable opinions?


ITHAKA A Father A Family A Fight For Justice

PP(P) Censorship Bureaucracy

Matt Taibbi

Dissolving Illusions

Dissolving Illusions (Vaccination Truth!) Dr. Suzanne Humphries

This account has been terminated for violating ______’s Community Guidelines.

Here (2015) the reception was, “Quackery, nonsense and fear-mongering”, followed by a loud demand for curbing freedom of expression, – it would be best for the ‘Uni’ to set a policy not to rent premises to such outside parties!

Nevertheless, “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and belief and to the expression of his thoughts.” (not rectified by the political class).

Changed world

Pressure to remove RT for: free speech? free press? democracy? brain-dead buffoons?
Tit for tat, Fb & BBC are out.
“I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It” ~ (Voltaire?)

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