… a Proud Conspiracy Theorist


Remedy that doesn’t fit the Weltanschauung Helgi Sigurðsson  

 Dr. Robert Rowen

The Ministries of Love, Peace, Plenty, and Truth are now in effect. 

The airport is mostly closed and the road to it is now Limousine only for arrivals.

“Do you not think it is entirely safe to stop all the fuss about the constitution now that it is possible to determine freedom of movement, freedom of assembly and employment and to invade privacy based on a excel document in the Ministry of Finance  that deals with macroeconomic efficiency? “

 ~ a former Minister of Justice

Ministry of Finance now Miniplenty

A young minister reprimanded for meeting up with friends  – did not adhere to “The two-sheep rule” – I tell you this is so Not ok. 

Remember, don’t be Anti-Oceania, and there is only one Minitrue 

 An Enemy of the People and the Semmelweis reflex  Judy Mikovits, don´t bother me with your Moral Courage,  – I’ve never been any good at it.

Also remember that Amgen is not, I repeat. is not collectiing your Genetic data

My Privacy is None of Your Business

I am a Proud Conspiracy Theorist

George Carlin Years Ago

Robust T cell immunity    They did everything wrong – we are told.

You Really Shouldn’t be asking all these questions.  (Google is not quite there yet)

Dr. Andrew Kaufman With Del Bigtree And With David

A Conspiracy So Immense


On Bullsh*t Jobs | David Graeber

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