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Crime Math could be an interesting video. Money and politics have been on display in the High Court of Impeachment. Dressed in an Armani(?) suit, supported by powerful political interests, lawyered up to the hilt, admired and defended by the obliging media. Nevertheless the cost to the society as a whole is incomprehensible.

Bikers have gained much prominence at the same time, dressed in an well recognizable manner, sparsely lawyered, hated by the police and the media. However, we can all understand the cost of their individual crimes, which by the way are only a tiny fraction caused by the Suits.

Daly we are told of the dangers to the rule of law if we prosecute Suits of prominence and if we show any leniency in prosecuting the leather and jeans. One solution suggested has been to ask Armani to mark their suits, similar to racing driver suits, with all the appropriate corporate logos – for our convenience, and Lady Justice, who’s blindness has been questioned.

Some go as far as talk about Class wars.

how to emasculate, capture, discredit …

Too Crooked to Fail
Regulatory capture
“Cartesian common sense”
(Watch What You Say)

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