December 2009

The Greed Game


The insanity manifests itself.


I have long envied the Swiss for their tradition of direct Democracy, we however, with no such tradition, can we vote Yes or No to save us from a Systemic failure ?

By Systemic I mean all the components in a society where, the government, parliament, legal-, financial-, public-, private-, educational institutions, the media, and the voters have failed in their duties.

Can we put our trust in an all but a bankrupt corporation with a history of public relations stunts, to provide the technical environment for this vote ? By technical environment I mean proprietary software with no known public auditing, pair-reviews, version control or public controls of any kind?

Has there been a serious debate on the consequences of the result? Is the international financial empire just a Paper tiger or will they send in the jackals ?

This all smells of politicians wanting to score cheep points in a very serious affair in which we apparently have learned nothing, and while we are distracted over questions of no importance, our own jackals continue their scavenging for the spills.

Electronic voting
Black Box Voting
Sur le e-vote à Genève ..1.. ..2..
E-stonia’s m-voting
Simpson (_8(|)

How It’s Done

John Perkins has a simple script.

Multinational corporations covet natural resources, they find weak and/or self-serving governments, offer them massive loans which they will not be able to pay, and when they can’t, they collect by enslaving the respective populations.

Predatory Capitalism has these basic components: Corporations strive to minimize their taxes, they eliminate competition, cut wages and salaries, disregard the environment and sell dangerous or harmful products. And of course they hate any kind and form of regulations.

First the developing world and now we.

Was Iceland Victimized by Economic Hit Men?
Predatory Capitalism

The New Spirit (is getting Old)

Our betters are getting in to the Christmas spirit.
After a year of “damage control” they are now testing the waters for the release of a censored ‘truth’ report by adding an 80 year ‘ban’ on the really sensitive stuff. Some of them are furious to be under investigation, others are not being investigated at all.

Smaller fish are offered to be fried but as usual ‘names’ are nowhere to be found.

The propaganda machine continues spreading the gospel truth that a well-behaved public must fund the bill. They call it Scandinavian welfare, except in Scandinavia people get something in return while we only get to appease the angry creditors of private corporations.

Or as they say, this inspired ‘Crash’ is shared with you by the _______. Corporation

Walt Disney – The New Spirit

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