Can’t Top That, and Then They Do

After all this time and endless stream of unbelievable news of bankers fraud we are told, that even after the fall, “they” stole the rescue-package (the best part of the Central-banks reserves) and transferred the moneys to tax-havens (Luxembourg and British-Virgin Islands).

Now, the news read “engaged in a sweeping conspiracy”, obviously not to the liking of the “conspiracy phobics“.

Global Illicit Financial Structures:

  • Tax havens
  • Secrecy jurisdictions
  • Disguised corporations
  • Redomiciliation provisions
  • Anonymous trust accounts
  • Fake foundations
  • Falsified pricing
  • Money laundering techniques

Interpol – Wanted EINARSSON, Sigurdur
Ounce of Gold for information leading to arrest
Iceland’s Glitnir sues ex-officials for $2 bln
Icelandic leaders accused of ‘negligence’
Dunning–Kruger effect

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