Connecting the dots

After the “Truth Report”, we are obsessed with an new investigative pastime. Numerous people are “investigating”, others are demanding new investigations and the inevitable result is that the investigative reports pile up.

The “Truth Report” consisted of nine volumes, and only God knows how many shelf meters are covered by the rest. It’s all starting to look like Damage Control, a cover up by drowning. – What we need is an NLP / Bayesian “spin” filter.

I think William Black put it succinctly when he pointed out that the investigators had done a fine job but then failed to draw the obvious conclusions. We have not seen him since.
?Madame Joly is likewise leaving the investigation for other and more pressing engagements.

Parliamentarians are hard at work preventing the findings of “juniors” to come to any harm to real people. Furthermore, they or rather their sponsors are eager to get back to their calculated dishonesty and unfettered plunder.

?It is becoming glaringly obvious, dot to dot, that the only people that will stand trial in the whole of this saga are the evil protesters. “Public” impeachment trial would only “shine a harsh light onto the murky world of corporate behaviour” and their “spivs”. It would be to much to bear to discover that after all the horrors to date, we had only seen the top of the iceberg

Maybe the “spiritualists” are right when they say that we should not try to inflate our constantly deflating egos by fighting windmills.  And maybe they are wrong as “It is not necessary to hope in order to persevere.”

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