The Uber-wealthy

 Mention a Foreign Investor with limitless money (stolen or borrowed) and our rent-boys and -girls in the investor- and political class drop their pants.

They’ve just sold our energy sources and are now panting to sell the land and what litle remains.

A class of the criminally insane who obviously do not plan to live here in the future, serfs, who think they will get a cosy job in an investment bank or an office in Bruxelles.

Glory to the Golden Calf.

Vast tract of Icelandic land (for beads and trinkets)
Resources peddled off at bargain prices
Brothel in the Highlands! (Lost article)

And in the “News”:
Distraction Distortion Disinformation Deception

They Rule (out of reach for mortals)
ALEC Exposed (Legislative Exchange Council)

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