Hollywood to Controle the Internet?

 tells the story of a mouse, Mickey Mouse, how the concept was first “creatively adapted” and then repeatedly used to extend copyright laws which by the way were never intended to be indefinite.

Falkwinge reminded us of one of the biggest companies in Stockholm and how it one day was no more after the invention of the fridge.  ~ Loom breaking was an earlier example.

Dodgy digits, on job-losses, CD sales and the ‘illegality’ of download are just common tactics of the copyright industry.

Stallman has suggested direct “micro payments” to your favorite artist thus bypassing the corporate middlemen

In this country the media and the entertainment industry is owned by the same people, so the disinformation coming from the public relations people (who have replaced journalists) is just contemptuous.

Lets end corporate control of our public space.

Boldrin & Levine: Against Intellectual Monopoly

Anti-Copyright Resources
Megaupload sues Universal and joins fight against SOPA
Megaupload Ltd v. Universal Music Group Inc
Universal Says It Can’t Be Sued for Bogus Megaupload 

List of Those Expressing Concern With #SOPA and #PIPA
DNS Evasion to Stop Oppressive Policy in America
Hadopi : liste blanche des sites et hot spots WiFi, les détails
European Parliament smacks down France on three strikes law

Special 301 Report
Spain’s SOPA Law: How It Works And Why It Won’t
some of the above refs. came from: Verður ennþá netfrelsi á Íslandi 2012?
(Will Iceland still have  Internet Freedom 2012?)

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