Five hundred thousand million +

The latest ‘investigative’ report informs us of incomprehensible losses of the retirement funds. This, big as it is, is only a fraction of the total losses in the banking meltdown.

Accountability is a concept in ethics and governance with several meanings, nevertheless none of these fit the cognitive climate.

Voodoo priests are currently hard at work stuffing history down the memory hole, their version is that none of this happened, others compare us to post colonial Africa, as we’ve been occupied in succession by: Denmark, UK, US, and the IMF.

Having successfully separated the peasants from their retirement money, the “gentry” wants the serfs to work until they drop, – not mentioning the simple fact that there isn’t work even for young slaves – regardless of how often they redefine the unemployment figures.

Loss of money is one thing but loss of identity is something else.

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