Serially occupied

Norway, Denmark, UK, US, and now China.

Now, the infinite wisdom of hillbilly’s is to provide China with 300 square km of land* for a new airbase in Europe, sorry my mistake a luxury hotel and an eco-spa.

The gospel of “foreign investment” and “jobs” sounds loud and clear from the corporate propaganda industry, with nationalism and conspiracy thrown in for the infidel’s. Yes we used to provide prostitutes to the beloved but forgone American airbase. And some privileged people used to live of the American taxpayer.

Who hoards, with greed that never tires?

It is heartwarming to see the Social Democrats of both sexes, having so heartily embraced the neoclassical Vision, sorry The Nordic Model (my bad).

The ‘Kissing Cousins’ syndrome may explain the superior moral aptitude. However, others say that the best stock left the country in 1870-1914,  leaving only bankers, politicians, middlemen, and telephone sanitizers.

When the student is ready, the master appears, – but can the Master of “long term” teach the addictive short fixer anything?  One of the 22 steps is to ask for more than you want. – but already from 100 to 1% is not negotiating, it’s toying.

* 300sq km (155 sq mile, – US ratio to Hawaii or Massachusetts)

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