Déjà vu

Inner Party members will all be reelected next spring by grateful Outer Party members (the proles are naturally self-excluded).

It has been successfully proven that the so-called “pots and pan revolution” was only a series of, malreports, misprints, and malquotes which now have been rectified, and that the big unreport never existed.

Assuming any wrongdoing of Inner Party members is certainly a thoughtcrime.

A Prominent Party member was reelected to his post, but 82% of the voters were so appalled by their unwavering loyalty being doubted, that they refused to reply to the question.

Minitrue has succeeded in mediating all articulate speech from the larynx without involving the higher brain centres at all.

Miniluv is stepping up the heroic campaign against unproductives (unpersons), this obviously is an addition to the highly successful deportation program.

The Two Minutes Hate, continues to be our most revered pastime.

In this the best of all possible worlds 4,000 daily doses of Fluoxetin (Prozac/Soma) are consumed. However, questioning the interplay between Big-Pharma, health workers and actual benefit/recovery of any treatment is of course a thoughtcrime.

The decease is it’s own cause. Q.E.D.

“Our main point is very simple: it is difficult enough to be critical of our own mistakes, but it must be nearly impossible for us to persist in a critical attitude towards those of our actions which involve the lives of many men. To put it differently, it is very hard to learn from very big mistakes.”  ~ Karl R. Popper

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