Education For Whom and For What?


In jet another teachers strike, – is there time for reflection?

Commodities for the (not so current) job market or free and creative minds?

Rose, Jonathan, The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes
Wilhelm Fon Humboldt
Wage slavery
Adam Smith: Gain wealth, forgetting all but self.
Charter of the Forest
Lewis F. Powell, Jr. – Confidential Memorandum: Attack on the American Free Enterprise System.
Trilateral Commission: The Crisis of Democracy
Thomas Ferguson: Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Politics
Edward Bernays (The global  PR  industry:  $11bn rev.,  75,000 EE)
RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms

Gold 2.0
The Bankers’ New Clothes
Controlling the Lens:   (Every Fairytale Needs a Good Old Fashioned Villain)

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