The President of Mutobia prepares for his nth term in office, probably because he is indispensable, if not invincible. He and Mugabe must be very old friends.

The grandest looser of them all, got the biggest newspaper for his rants, and promptly reduced its readership to less than Farmers-News.

Our Most prominent anchor at the State TV repeats warnings that we will be unable to see him with out a cable (we would be so lucky). His female counterpart declared the PM innocent in the middle of his trial before the High Court of Impeachment, and another reads the Pentagon bulletins most diligently.

Increasing the nations financial literacy is commendable, but can only be done in a patronizing tone. – Maybe they should start with the economists (including the danish ones).

Father a field, the Russian media is all propaganda, they lied to us about: the Chevron lady with the cookies, the Gorbachev agreement, the “Oh Gosh!” replay from occupied EU, etc.

Thank God for FOX, CNN, and Hollywood at least they are true (fair and balanced).


And then (1940) there was NAM
Now there is PCES
.. more than neoclassical theory
Trends In The News 🙂

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