COVID-19 Language Swaps
Instead of … Say …
Lockdown Stay-at-home order
COVID mandates, directives, controls, orders COVID protocols
National duty Personal responsibility
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic
Hospitalization rates Deaths
Defeat, crush Eliminate, eradicate
Operation warp speed Standard process
Government Public health agencies
Science-, medicine-, data-based Fact-based
The consequences of not taking the vaccine The benefits of taking it
Getting the vaccine is the right thing to do Getting the vaccine will keep you safe
Predictability/certainty A return to normal
Discover/create/invent Research
The dollars spent; number of participants A transparent, rigorous process
Security Safety
Misled/confused about the vaccine Skeptical/concerned about the vaccine
Historic Advanced/groundbreaking
The world’s leading experts America’s leading experts

COVID-19 Guide | AMA  (pdf)
Stew Peters

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