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The Top 10 Creepiest … (WEF)

The Myth of Authority

The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

The Hero with a Thousand Faces

It’s Oh So Quiet  – Zing Boom – Hopium

In law, a conspiracy theory is a theory of a case that presents a conspiracy to be considered by a trier of fact.

a trier of fact 1   (the Department of Justice)

a trier of fact 2   (Investigative Corona Committee Germany)

a trier of fact 3   (The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier pdf)

SANTE/2020/C3/043 – SI2.838335   (Advance Purchase Agreement  pdf)

“The Parties understand that developing a safe and effective vaccine is a highly complex process and the risk of failure in any such venture is very high. Therefore, the aim is to put in place APAs with a number of manufacturers of leading vaccine candidates, to maximise the chances of having access to at least one successful vaccine.

The Commission will invite all vaccine manufacturers to manifest interest. In general, the Commission will give priority to negotiating specific APAs with those manufacturers that (a) have entered or have firm plans to enter clinical trials still in 2020, (b) have the capacity to develop a successful
vaccine and (c) have a proven capacity to produce at scale already in 2021.”

p 54

The Triumph of Newspeak

  1. We should all be able to internalize Patriotic doctrine to the extent that it becomes a gut instinct – a feeling in the belly.
  2. Any WikiCrimes from Oceania are ungood while WikiCrimes from Eurasia and Eastasia are plusgood.
  3. A true Patriot could automatically, and without thought, expunge any “incorrect” information and totally replace it with “true” information from the Minitrue.
  4. Goodthink, is approved by the Miniluv, and is the opposite of crimethink.
  5. Goodsex is any form of sex considered acceptable by the Inner Party, all other forms of sex are sexcrimes.
  6. Anyone who enjoys virtual solitary in front of his Telescreen is subversive and thus suspicious.
  7. An unperson is a person who has been “vaporized”; who has been not only killed by the state, but effectively erased from existence. Such a person would be written out of existing books, photographs, and articles so that no trace of their existence could be found in the historical record.

AnonOps (svt)
Frost over the World
Murky backgrounds & affiliations
Cass Sunstein [Cognitive infiltration]
More than meets the eye
“common heritage of mankind.”

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