Greed is King

Luxury home and a grown area, in a barren country, will bee destroyed for blocks of flats facing heavy traffic.

Is it coincidence, that, the Offshore Class appears to come together in this Investment Opportunity?

I’m sure councillors, come elections, want to be reelected, not remembered,  because they are so “Green”.

Vonarland (Land of Hope)

Here’s Johnny


Did Napoleon crouch behind Joséphine?

Prevention of corruption in respect of members of parliament, judges and prosecutors

* ethical principles and rules of conduct
* conflict of interest
* prohibition or restriction of certain activities
* declaration of assets, income, liabilities and interests
* enforcement of the rules regarding conflicts of interest
* awareness



Pirates of the North Atlantic


They want to:

Reclaim our Constitution voted for in a national referendum 2012
End the Natural resource monopoly
Tax the international corporations (end thin capitalization)
Replace “welfare” with Unconditional Basic Support

Will the slaves use the opportunity or will they escape from freedom?


A pledge of 100,000 voters (is) ?
Transparency (is) ?

Industrialized Wilderness

After banking and tourism, – industrialized wilderness?


“You have seen noting jet”, – our own Mugabe stay-alike.

In the spirit and tales of elves and trolls (is)
Protect The Park
At the Heart of It

Why export ?
Greenhouse Industry
Mira EV Travels 1000km on Single Charge

The Hidden Wealth of Nations

One side to every story

Having never been able to afford independent foreign policy, it is amusing to see our MPs squirm – Bad, Bad Putin! – But wait he buys our fish.

The spectrum of acceptable opinion does not include the elephant in the room.

Manufacturing Consent
War by media and the triumph of propaganda
The Empire Lies: How to Fight Western Propaganda
Ukraine: Lies, propaganda and the West’s agenda

Ending the Reign of Junk Food News
Self-Censorship & Shadow Editors
Twice in 20th Century
Antidote to news (pdf)

The Internet’s Own Boy

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