Vulture Capitalism

After a successful spell of Shock Doctrine, the Vultures flock to our shores in all shapes, forms and disguises.

Our own Vultures either attack or welcome them according to their own Vulture interests. Foreign investment in a “free” market system is paramount. To hell with the fact that we can’t pay “our” current debt, lets borrow some more money. We can’t save our selfs without more, without more “stuff” we suffer from irritability, insomnia, depression, anorexia, you name it.

What can we sell, how can we prostitute our selfs, we must satisfy our addiction for more, more, yes for the golden sustainable and endless growth.

Yes, our next fix will come from: casinos, money laundering, destroying our natural resources, and inviting “Blackwater” to use our airspace to prepare for the next war. Sure, our daughters could do with some money.

Vultures are, in spite of their image problem, really marked by humanistic values and devotion to human welfare. This is apparent in their classic promise that “Job creation” is an inevitable result of their actions, and to their dedication to human progress and survival.

Vulture Capitalism
Keiser Report:
No.23 Greg Palast
No.28 Helen Skopis @Athens International

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