The Comedians

For almost two years now, we have been blessed by a “problem” which has shielded us from looking at our own selfs. The haunting shadow of our own failure of our own weakness has been but forgotten.

Somehow, I’ve been reminded of Graham Greene’s novel The Comedians. There are similarities to our own fate. The country was governed for a very long time by “Papa Doc” and his “Tontons” have been woven into the fabric. There is a sustained denial of any wrong doing. Nothing which was done in the years up-to the crash may be personalized or even given a name. Or as Stieg Larsson put it, “fraud that was so extensive it was no longer merely criminal—it was business.”

We the Demos handed over our responsibility to Representatives,just as in the days when the horse was the fastest form of communication. Now we look at our representatives in horror and only 13% or less have any faith in their abilities or intentions. Professionally educated people have been prominent in this saga. Few questions have been asked about the state of their education. Science or Junk are we shielding educators that have forgotten the search for knowledge, and  replaced it with the manufactured truth?

In crawling our selfs out of this quicksand there will be no grand victories, only small ones, if we are lucky.

Will The Truth Report alleviate any of my trepidations??
Hoodwinked: An Economic Hit Man Reveals Why…
… a tide in the affairs of men
Infinite representative wisdom

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