Manufacturing righteousness

What would we do without the industrious public relations people?

Not a day passes without “news” about his boyish charms. Boy: walking in a public place, – in a tent, – on his motorbike, – promising to pay his debts.

No improper mention of is private jet or yacht, his days in Petersburg, his offshore accounts, his massive loans days before “his” bank went bankrupt, – leaving Icesave with a humiliated nation.

And of course the neo-con-religious find no fault in him, after all he is the living proof for their ‘Weltanschauung’.

I’m King David, and I did not approve.
– ” – , and it’s not to much for the state to swallow.

Les 7 salopards de la crise  (3/7) – Marianne N°692
Trust Me, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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