We are told by the daily propaganda that we live in the “best of all possible worlds”.

How can this be?
Is it because:

  • The constitution is an ancient ?hand down from a Danish king.
  • The oldest parliament in the world is but a waiting room for government posts.
  • The courts of the land are packed with politically appointed judges.
  • The education system asks no questions.
  • The church still thinks it’s middle ages, and the bishops should initiate the brides.
  • The media concentrates on superlatives about nothing
  • The loss of our financial independence to IMF and ‘our’ ministers as their office workers.
  • The working class has only one pride and prejudice, to elect people who despise them.
  • The fantastic social security system does not compare to neighboring countries.
  • The best pension fund system in the world , is controlled by private interests and government(s) to pay for their follies.
  • The retirement age is one of the highest in the western world with one of the lowest retirement pay.
  • The Criminal Class consists of 14 families who own the country.
  • The 30 Financiers and their cohorts who bankrupted the country
  • The total number of indictments for financial crimes is Zero.

And to day a Parliament committee decides if (or NOT) they should recommend that the same Parliament call on the Court of Impeachment to establish if we are a nation or a joke.

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