Equality | Impunity before the law

“Law and order are everywhere the law and order which protect the established hierarchy” Herbert Marcuse

~They say the only law in force to them are those which acquit them of any crime.~ Halldor Laxness

The Political Class or should I say the extended Criminal Class is loosing it.
There is talk (mostly hot air) if they should consider an Impeachment against their own.The propaganda tools are blasted 24/7 and all the boringly predictable talking heads tell us, that this is just a political witch hunt, that everything is wrong with the law, the law is outdated, ?the states own rule of law is at risk, human and civil rights can’t be assured and they are even promising a new financial meltdown if this abhorrent idea should even be considered.

The educated rhetoric is of course totally one sided. Bankrupting a nation, with the usual, job loss, loss of homes, bankruptcies and suicides of ordinary people is not a crime, how could it be? – After all, ministers carry such heavy political responsibility, even those who became ministers, without taking charge of their ministry.

To hell with the Constitution, get rid of the laws about the Court of Impeachment which legal academics have declared well thought through and written, and surely the Supreme Cort Judges can’t be trusted with the task, not to mention their own friends that pack the Court of Impeachment.

Somehow, I’m sure it will be much easier to “Impeach’ the 9 protesters that are accused of dishonoring these same untouchables as multiple billions in losses to the community has no tangible meaning to the majority of people, – including judges.

Picking and choosing from the law menu may be the prerogative of those above the law, lets hope that their approval ratings won’t drop lower than the current 13% so that the only thing they will be above is the law.

Justice Under Siege by Eva Joly

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