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~ There is a profound misunderstanding on the part of the authorities to claim that they understand the nations anger.
We can’t begin to talk about understanding, until at least one of them has experienced some of the following: auction of their home, life on unemployment benefits, – pensions, – disability benefits, standing in the food line at the family help center, having to eat at the Salvation Army’s day center and sleeping in a homeless shelter. Until then their balderdash is just insulting ~

At the same time the political and corporate ‘elite’ who collaborated and orchestrated the meltdown flatly refuse any accountability, and eagerly work towards getting back to their unfettered plunder and impunity.

Next on their agenda is to auction off thousands of peoples homes for pittance, as happened in America, and to sell them to people with “access” , who in turn will rent these properties to “commoners” at extortionist prices. – “Look ma no hands”. Disregarding their impunity , the pattern is distinctively SCAD-ish.

Does anyone remember Hudson? or Perkins?
Oct. – Nov. 2008
4th October 2010
List of fallacies
How individuals “attribute” causes to events and behavior
Perception Management

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