Old Peoples Savings

Old peoples savings is the new Battle cry of desperadoes.

It is shameful to see “Political Economists” who by the way have not apologized for the state of their Dismal Science, propagate this “simple” solution, whose personal savings by the way are of cause safely tucked away in foreign banks.

What they and desperadoes in general don’t want to understand, is that these meager life savings are rapidly disappearing anyway, with negative interest, multiple taxation and worthless currency.

These creatures  should try to understand real money which is counted in trillions and who controls it. – It sure ain’t the old folks.

Young people have the option to find a new job, to leave the country, and to start anew. Older people in their seventies and eighties have no such options.

If people choose to get lied-to they can’t blame the liar for the lie, they them selfs have become the People of the Lie

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