The Creative Evolution of Stupidity

In the early days of the meltdown we were told to be green with envy at Ireland, they had shelter in the EU and the Euro. To day curiously enough Ireland is nowhere to be found, nor any meaningful discussion of the EU-Euro “shelter” for the other PIGS.

However, we get informed ad nauseum that our own currency is more than useless, and that we will never get anywhere with it.

That the nation state is totally outdated and super Germany is the future in the new world order.

And that nationalism is one of our most ugly trades.

In short, hand over your independence.

Office workers from the Eu (elected by no one) tell us that it does not matter where the money the Banksters owe to Europe comes from, it has to be payed. Transmuting two party agreement failures onto a third party bystander is an swell legal trickery, probably invented by Rothschild who didn’t care who wrote the law, as long as he could issue the money.

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